SOAR Live offers a powerful and immersive peer-to-peer learning environment for your emerging leaders early in their careers. Based on their individual core set of strengths, participants will develop a personal leadership philosophy and a career plan that will change their behaviors and accelerate their careers.

Accelerated Career Paths

Women and minorities in companies still face obstacles and biases in reaching positions of power and influence. SOAR’s answer is to create inclusion in an organization by preparing these individuals for leadership roles in three ways:

  • Through a series of self-assessments designed to help the participants identify their leadership strengths, challenges, and gaps.
  • A leadership curriculum designed to prepare them intellectually and psychologically for the tasks of leadership.
  • Instruction on how to use practical, tactical tools, and techniques to help them better navigate and negotiate the political/power landscape.

Enhanced Networks

Your emerging leaders will have the opportunity to form powerful strategic alliances with each other and also gain exposure to diverse senior executives who share their knowledge, insights, and inspiration.

High Impact and Immersive Curriculum

Through a targeted and integrated curriculum, your emerging leader will master how to create strategic networks, build team dynamics for cross-functional success, persuade with impact, influence through visioning, and negotiate successfully for their organizations.

SOAR Live is configurable to fit your company’s specific needs. Contact us today to discuss the possibilities.

SOAR Live is additionally delivered in Atlanta, GA; Cincinnati, OH; Jasper, IN; Louisville, KY; Philadelphia, PA and Seattle, WA where participants from multiple companies participate in the 9-month program.