Create a Culture of Mentoring

Networks are crucial to career advancement. Without these critical relationships, emerging leaders cannot build the necessary political capital that is required for advanced leadership roles. Sixty-five percent of women who have been mentored will go on to become mentors themselves.

Through SOAR Mentor, we partner with your organization to create an effective mentorship program matching your specific challenges and unique culture. SOAR facilitates and fully supports the mentor experience.

  • Kick-Off workshop for mentee and mentors and thematic peer-to-peer sessions.
  • Proprietary matching process to deliver the most effective mentoring relationships.
  • Continuous engagement and access to tools, videos, and resources through the SOAR 365 digital platform.

Mentor meeting with mentee to discuss her career plans and objectives.

Research shows that women and minorities simply lack access to senior management and women are three times more likely to rely on a network that is mostly female.