Senior Vice President, Toyota

“The team at SOAR is our partner in leadership development. Retaining smart, young women is key to our growth so nurturing them is important. SOAR helps us do this.”

Regional Vice President, Anthem

“I was unsettled in my career. I was working extremely hard but not feeling a sense of career accomplishment. When SOAR came along I was hoping the program could help me find my way. It did that and more. By forcing me to look at myself and articulate what I wanted and needed to shine again, I was able to launch a new career path and a new me. SOAR was the catalyst I needed.”

Product Manager, Fidelity Investments

“The SOAR program really helped give me the confidence to put my hat in the ring for a new role. Yes, it’s a leadership program but it’s more than that. I thought I knew myself well beforehand, but SOAR allowed me to be honest with myself and be okay with what that was. I truly hope others have found this same enlightenment and how it’s changed other’s lives.”

Diverse leader contributes to achieving overall business objectives.

Chief Diversity Officer, Anthem

“SOAR provides Anthem’s minority managers and director equivalent-level leaders with the skills, tools and mentoring resources to increase their readiness for advancing their careers and leading at higher levels.”

Flight Crew Services Supervisor, UPS Air Group

“The SOAR program literally woke me up about the direction I was taking with my career. As a result of the SOAR-ULAS leadership program for African American men, I have now attained not just the job I wanted, but the career I desired. Without SOAR, I would still be in the same job position I was in five years ago.”

Studio Director at the Clay Street Project, Procter & Gamble

“I feel so grateful to be a part of the SOAR program. This program is giving me the opportunity to connect in with a whole new group of women — something I really need both professionally and personally. I so appreciate the content you have curated and the manner in which you moved us through different modes of thinking and being, allowing everyone to connect at a deeper level in their own way.”

General Manager, Toyota

“SOAR was instrumental in my professional development in three key areas: (1) Emotional Intelligence (self-awareness), (2) opportunity to explore different elements of leadership and (3) provided a strong network of professional women that I could call upon and talk through issues as they arose. One of the best development opportunities I have participated in!”

Senior Applications Development Manager, UPS Air Group

“I want you to know what a dramatic effect the program has had on my career. It is opening doors and making change.”