One of the most powerful features of the SOAR program is the peer-to-peer learning environment. This allows for engaging group discussions in a safe environment where you can learn and grow from each other.

In order to maintain this specialized environment and to ensure your SOAR experience is maximized, we do require 100% attendance. Meeting dates are given in advance in order for you to plan your professional and personal commitments. We do understand conflicts arise which are out of your control and we strive to accommodate those situations. To help you comply with the attendance policy, your supervisor has received the meeting dates and is aware of the mandatory attendance policy.

You will be allowed to miss one meeting, but you will be required to make up the missed meeting. You have two options to make-up a missed meeting. Option one is to attend the missed meeting in another SOAR city if there is one within reasonable driving distance. Option two is to complete the missed meeting course work online and requires approximately 5 hours of time. Please contact Kim Stone-Yonts to coordinate your make up option.

However, if you do miss more than one meeting, you will not be able to graduate from the program. If, at some point, you realize you are going to miss a second meeting, please notify your facilitator immediately to discuss possible options. We also ask that you do not plan travel if it causes you to be late for the morning start time or requires you to leave early in the afternoon. If it is an emergency, contact your facilitator and Kim at SOAR to let them know your situation.

For any reason, if you foresee yourself not being able to complete the program due to unanticipated conflicts, immediately notify your facilitator. We do not allow for substitutions, however, if your company approves, you can wait until next year’s session to complete the program. If you discontinue the program for any reason after the Kick-Off Retreat, your company will not receive a tuition refund.

Having all participants present at every meeting is crucial to maintaining the integrity of the program. SOAR’s attendance policy is established to emphasize the importance of this time that is dedicated specifically for your leadership growth and development. We ask you to honor your attendance commitment.